Croton Harmon Students’ Good Samaritan PSA Hits Cable TV

Croton-on-Hudson, NY – Students from Croton may be on summer break, but they are not taking a break from keeping fellow students safe this summer.

The teens completed production on a 30 second Public Service Announcement just before school ended to educate the community about New York State’s Good Samaritan Law. The PSA is now running on Optimum TV channels in the Croton area. The PSA can be seen on the Croton Community Coalitions YouTube page.

The public awareness campaign focuses on the law that protects individuals who call 911 to obtain medical help for some one who has overdosed on drugs or alcohol while in their presence.

Students from the high school’s Teen Leadership Council developed the concept and wrote the script while a professional TV producer worked with the students to bring their concept to life. The video was shot, starring a group of Croton teens, from the “point of view” of a teenager who consumed too much alcohol. Students appearing in the spot initially debate whether they should call 911, but in the end, they do, possibly saving his life. The student passes out at the party and regains consciousness inside the back of an ambulance.

The teens chose the topic because they feared that other teens are not aware of the law and the protections it offers them. Additionally, they heard about a local incident where medical help was delayed to an overdose victim because the victim’s companions were concerned about the repercussions of calling 911.

“The teens wanted the community to be aware that it was important to save lives without fear of legal consequences and that if they call 911, they are protected under the law. I want to commend the students for educating the public on this important topic and for committing to the hours it took to complete the project,” said Laurie Dean, Chairwoman and Coordinator, Croton Community Coalition.

Powers PR Video, led by Bill Powers, a New York Emmy Nominated TV producer and two time Telly Award winner, worked with the students to create the spot.

Watch the PSA