Croton Harmon Students Mark End of School with Celebration to Stay Safe and Enjoy a Drug Free Summer

Four Teenage Girls Having Fun

Croton Harmon High School students marked the end of the school year with The Fest, a three hour outdoor celebration held at Vassallo Park, sponsored by the Croton Community Coalition.  The event encourages students to have a safe and drug-free summer.

Students were treated to a mechanical bull ride, photo booth, dunk tank, food, refreshments, live music and a DJ—all free of charge thanks to the Coalition and its supporters. Shop Rite donated food including hot dogs and water, and Frankie’s Deli donated sandwiches for fest-goers.

“We recognize the challenges faced by our teenagers at this time of year. The Croton Community Coalition sponsors The Fest to proactively show our Croton teens that there are alternative ways to de-stress and have fun.  We want to send the students off on summer vacation with a positive and supportive message,” said Laurie Dean, Chairwoman and Coordinator, Croton Community Coalition.

Volunteers from the coalition staffed the hot dog stand, sandwich bar, and all of the fun activities. The Croton Police Department set up and managed a foggle course, a simulation where students use altered goggles to experience what it’s like to try to drive a golf cart under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

In addition, the Westchester County Police Department set up its DWI video prevention truck where students were tested on their base driving skills, and then, through computer simulation, experienced what it was like to try to drive under the influence. Teens were tested in their ability to avoid pedestrians, other vehicles, road signs and sharp curves.

The Fest is a signature event of the Croton Community Coalition presented in cooperation with the Croton Harmon School District, the Croton Teen Leadership Council and the Croton-on-Hudson Police Department.

About the Coalition: The Croton Community Coalition works proactively to keep Croton teens safe and drug-free, and acts as a resource for Croton teens and parents to make informed choices about drugs and alcohol. The Coalition’s program of work is funded through a federal grant. For more information, contact us.

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